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  • Klausen Process Machinery brings the Duraflex™ range of Volumetric and Gravimetric Screw feeders providing high standard, accurate and reliable screw feeding.

    • • Frame and chasis construction is made from stainless steel as standard
    • • The flexible hopper is manufactured from hard wearing foodgrade polyurethane material
    • • Flexible hopper with gentle massaging provides years of use at peak performance
    • • Handles extensive range of material including fine powders, coarse granules, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and liquids
    • • Gentle flexing acion provides exceptional volumetric accuracy and effectively reduces hang up or “bridging” of even the most difficult flowing material.
    • • Easy removal of hopper through slide mechanism
    • • Quick disconnect of helix without the need for tools
    • • Easily removed Paddle assembly for cleaning and maintenance.

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