Pneumatic conveying

Klausen Process Machinery’s fast movement of powder and granulated materials from storage bins, bags, bulk bags, drums, silos and more.
  • Vacuum is created by a rotary vane vacuum pump.
  • When the valve on the receiver is closed, a vacuum is created in the receiver. The negative pressure also builds up in the pipeline back to the suction wand.
  • The material to be conveyed is sucked into the suction wand, and moves through the pipeline into the receiver.
  • The filter separates the dust and small articles from the air stream and prevents dust from entering the vacuum pump.
  • When the receiver is filled, the vacuum pump stops and the valve of the receiver opens. The material in the receiver is discharged. At the same time, compressed air in the air reservoir is released to blow the filter clean.
  • After emptying, the valve closes, the pump restarts and the cycle is repeated. Suction and emptying time are generally set on the PLC but conveying time can be controlled using level sensors or other control signals.