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Factory Dismantling & Relocation

Onite Dismantling & moving
Onite Dismantling & moving

Factory Dismantling and Relocation:

Klausen Process Machinery (KPM) executes a range of projects from solitary machine relocation to complete factory relocation. We provide the best operations to ensure an efficient moving service. Through strategic planning and design we provide high standards of safety by using a range of equipment. In order to complete the factory dismantling and relocation system the following steps are carried out:

  • Assessment of plant or industrial warehouse
  • Design dismantling systems and dismantling frames for your machinery (if need be)
  • Dismantling of factory equipment
  • Dismantling of Electrical systems
  • Managing the relocation from clearance site to the appropriate site
  • Fit equipment to the new site.

With experienced personnel we can provide you the service you need within an efficient timeframe.

Relocation in process
Relocation in process
KPM also provides other services including installation and commissioning services and Design and store pneumatic conveying systems.

If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll be sure to provide you with what you need.

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