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Materials Handling Equipment

Materials Handling Equipment

Klausen is able to service a range of process machinery as well as provide replacement parts.

We currently service and provide parts for:

  • Powder Filling System

    Klausen Process Machinery is proud to introduce the Duraflex™ powered, Klausen made, Powder Filling System Model FS-750. It provides fast, accurate filling of open mouth bags, valve bags, jars, containers, pails and boxes.

    • • Massaging system on infeed walls to provide accurate filling
    • • Fast clean-down design
    • • Wide range of filling capacities ranging from 50g to 50kg through the quick change of filling nozzle
    • • Utilises a Ranger 5100 Weigh system controller with 99 recipe memory
    • • Range of filling nozzles including valve bags, cartons, jars, pails and open mouth bags are available for different applications
    • • Can fill powders, granules, pastes, nuts, beans and more
    • • Easy setup of target weight, dribble feed and free fall through sophisticated control system.
    • • Optional features include Bag Clamping Device, Metal Detectors and Bulk material storage Bins (IBCs pictured above the unit)
  • Durabins

    Klausen Process Machinery is proud to introduce the Dura-Bin™ Series Mini Bulk Stackable Hopper System. An innovative way of handling dry powders and solids material.

    • • 500 Litre or 1000 Litre capacities
    • • Easily transportable by small forklift, pallet jack or can be fitted with castors for ease of mobility.
    • • Fully stackable – Ideal for use in confined space
    • • Manufactured from durable foodgrade polyethylene material
    • • Removable lids allow full opening of bin for ease of cleaning
    • • Manually operated stainless steel and polypropylene slide gate
    • • 250mm diameter polyethylene discharge chutes
    • • Stainless steel or corrosion protected frame construction
    • • Wide range of translucent colours for easy identification
  • Duraflex Feeders

    Klausen Process Machinery brings the Duraflex™ range of Volumetric and Gravimetric Screw feeders providing high standard, accurate and reliable screw feeding.

    • • Frame and chasis construction is made from stainless steel as standard 
    • • The flexible hopper is manufactured from hard wearing foodgrade polyurethane material 
    • • Flexible hopper with gentle massaging provides years of use at peak performance
    • • Handles extensive range of material including fine powders, coarse granules, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and liquids
    • • Gentle flexing acion provides exceptional volumetric accuracy and effectively reduces hang up or “bridging” of even the most difficult flowing material.
    • • Easy removal of hopper through slide mechanism
    • • Quick disconnect of helix without the need for tools
    • • Easily removed Paddle assembly for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Pneumatic Conveying

    Klausen Process Machinery’s fast movement of powder and granulated materials from storage bins, bags, bulk bags, drums, silos and more.

    • • Vacuum is created by a rotary vane vacuum pump.
    • • When the valve on the receiver is closed, a vacuum is created in the receiver. The negative pressure also builds up in the pipeline back to the suction wand.
    • • The material to be conveyed is sucked into the suction wand, and moves through the pipeline into the receiver.
    • • The filter separates the dust and small articles from the air stream and prevents dust from entering the vacuum pump.
    • • When the receiver is filled, the vacuum pump stops and the valve of the receiver opens. The material in the receiver is discharged. At the same
      time, compressed air in the air reservoir is released to blow the filter clean.
    • • After emptying, the valve closes, the pump restarts and the cycle is repeated. Suction and emptying time are generally set on the PLC but conveying time can be controlled using level sensors or other control signals.
  • Bulk Bag Loading & Unloading

    Klausen Process Machinery Introduces its Bulk Bag Loading & Unloading Systems offering an innovative and easy method to load / unload bulk bags.

    • • Ability to remove dust and sustain dust free environment
    • • Highly efficient
    • • Can be loaded with a Forklift or via a monorail system
    • • Material can be discharged via a Duraflex Screw Feeder immediately into conveying line, mixer or storage bin
    • • Can support a range of bulk bags and weights
  • Lump Breakers

    Klausen Process Machinery’s range of Lump Crushers provides a versatile, compact and economical method of size reduction and lump crushing.

    • • Operates at low RPM hence reduces noise, dust and excessive wear
    • • Can handle materials such as chemicals, detergents, drugs, fertilizers, food products, plastics, waste materials and more..
    • • Heavy duty construction
    • • Bolted frames
    • • Hardened blades and fingers
    • • Bolted removable screen
    • • Totally enclosed drive guard
    • • Gland packing seals with flange bearings
    • • Factory assembled and test operated
  • Bag Emptying & Sack Disposal Equipment

    Klausen Process Machinery’s Bag Emptying & Sack Disposal equipment offers an innovative and easy way of emptying bags and sacks

    • • Allows for easy manual emptying of bags and sack disposal
    • • Complete with a bag compacting facility
    • • Dust collection system hence providing a dust free environment
    • • Motorised filter cleaning
    • • Dust collector in mild steel surface with epoxy paint finish
    • • 1m X 1m X 1m Dump station capacity
    • • 304 Stainless steel Dump Station with 2B mill surface finish
    • • Bag compacting screw and gear motor
  • Mixers – Paddle & Shear

    Klausen Process Machinery’s range of Paddle and High Shear mixers provides unsurpassed, fast, thorough and accurate blending and mixing.

    • • Unique “criss-cross” mixing action that assures accuracy and uniformity
    • • Gentle enough to mix delicate materials yet turbulent enough to blend liquid with solids
    • • Thorough clean-out and positive discharge
    • • Heavy duty yet simple construction
    • • Handles a wide variety of materials which include: chemicals, drugs, glass, fertilizer, salt, sawdust and more…
    • • A wide range of models to suit your needs
  • Sifters

    Klausen Process Machinery provides a high capacity, high efficiency size separation solution with its range of Rotary Sifters.

    • • Self cleaning screens
    • • Easy knock down for cleaning
    • • Quick change of screens without special tools
    • • Controlled feed rate to sieve
    • • Dust, noise and vibration free sieving
    • • Deagglomeration without additional fines
    • • Dewatering of suspensions
    • • Paddle assembly does not come into contact with the screen hence no excessive wear
    • Steel casing with oversize outlet with end door
    • Side door for inspection or cleaning

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