Powder Fillin Systems

Klausen Process Machinery is proud to introduce the Duraflex™ powered, Klausen made, Powder Filling System Model FS-750. It provides fast, accurate filling of open mouth bags, valve bags, jars, containers, pails and boxes.
  • Massaging system on infeed walls to provide accurate filling
  • Fast clean-down design
  • Wide range of filling capacities ranging from 50g to 50kg through the quick change of filling nozzle
  • Utilises a Ranger 5100 Weigh system controller with 99 recipe memory
  • Range of filling nozzles including valve bags, cartons, jars, pails and open mouth bags are available for different applications
  • Can fill powders, granules, pastes, nuts, beans and more
  • Easy setup of target weight, dribble feed and free fall through sophisticated control system.
  • Optional features include Bag Clamping Device, Metal Detectors and Bulk material storage Bins (IBCs pictured above the unit)