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About Klausen

About Klausen

Klausen Process Machinery PTY LTD specialises in all facets of powder handling. Klausen’s main expertise is in the area of small to medium scale material handling systems. Klausen offer a comprehensive range of quality equipment designed for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastics industries. Our vast experience has led to the design of systems which are environmentally responsible, effectively resolving issues such as dust, cross contamination and cleanliness.

Our current range of products consist of:

  • Vacuum & Positive Conveying Systems
  • Volumetric & Gravimetric Screw Feeders
  • Lump Crushers
  • Bulk Bag Loading & Unloading systems
  • Bulk Bins – IBCs
  • Paddle, Ribbon and High shear mixers
  • Rotary sifters and sieves
  • Bucket Conveyors/Elevators
  • Bag Emptying and Sack Disposal Equipment

Feel free to explore our product range in the Products section of this website.

Being part of the Klausen Group, Klausen Process Machinery has the additional support and manufacturing ability to widen the products and services to include:

  • Engineering Design
  • Computer Drafting
  • Project Engineering & Project Control
  • In House Manufacture
  • Ability to carry out Turnkey Project

Company Name: Klausen Process Machinery PTY LTD
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Address: 6 Coronation Avenue Kings Park NSW 2148 AUSTRALIA
Telephone: (+61 2) 9672 – 3222
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E-mail: sales@kpm.com.au

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